2018 NBA All Star Weekend

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07 December

Name one player who could earn their first All-Star selection to 2018 Los Angeles All Star Weekend?

David Aldridge: Tobias Harris. H

16 November

Kyrie Irving showing he is among the most elite All-Star in the NBA this early season

Kyrie Irving is showing he is the most elite NBA All-Star early this season. The first game he lost an All-Star to a bad injury Gordon Hayward. Boston Celtics fans thought the season was over. However, the season is far from over with Kryie Irving as they improved to 12-2. The best record in the east so far. Kyrie Irving is proving his move to Boston was the right one as the Cleveland Cavs struggle. LeBron James is obviously the best player on the planet, but if Kyrie keeps up on this pace I think he can take over that title.

10 November

NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 Los Angeles will be broadcasted in virtual reality

The partnership, which tips off during February's All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, will use Intel True VR technology to give fans a unique look at live-game action from various angles and locations throughout NBA arenas.

24 October

What Does A New 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend Format Mean For Fans?

In professional basketball, there is no greater individual accomplishment more rewarding then being selected for your league’s All-Star game. Imagine, after a long first half of the season where you put in maximum effort and drive your body and mind to its limits to be voted in to the All-Star game, but then you step onto the court and realize it’s an absolute dumpster fire of half-assed basketball.

13 October

Will NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 changes work?

The NBA will abandon the East-West format for this season’s All-Star Game, and instead let captains pick teams. But players will still be grouped by East and West for All-Star voting. How do you feel about all of this?


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16 September

Knicks' Kristaps Porzingis predicts he'll be an All-Star at 2018 NBA All Star Weekend

Maybe the stars have aligned for Kristaps Porzingis.

12 August

Ten players who could earn first NBA All-Star nod in 2017-18 season

The regular season will only be a few weeks old when the ballots will go out for the

13 July

NBA moves trade deadline to before All-Star Game, reduces amount of timeouts

Of course, it turned out that Cousins actually was traded this time -- to the 

01 July

Blake Griffin resigns with LA Clippers now will host the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend in LA

The resigning of Blake Griffin with the LA Clippers today shows that he will be hosting the 2018 NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles. The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend is in LA, and now of course Blake Griffin will be front and center to host. His new max contract shows he is ready to stay in LA and be part of what will be the best NBA All-Star Weekend in recent years. We are looking forward to seeing Blake Griffin in LA in February 2018 for the NBA All Star Game. Do you think Blake Griffin will be a starter or voted in?