2018 nba all star game

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06 October

The NBA is removing the East vs. West format from the 2018 NBA All-Star game

The NBA has announced that the Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference system will no longer be a part of the All-Star game, but will include two captains picking their own teams to battle it out for this season’s event in Los Angeles.

05 October

2018 NBA All-Star Game Will Be A Pick Up BasketBall Game - WOW!

The 2018 NBA All-Star Game is going to be sick! The NBA said the new rules will allow the top 2 vote getters to pick their own teams. NBA All-Star Game draft with i'm assuming LeBron James and Stephen Curry doing the picks. Now we can see these players actually play and try to win. No more East v. West. We know that format is horrible from last year All-Star game where these guys didn't even lace up. With this format you will see guys wanting to win for thier team. You will have guys mad about being picked last. You know Kyrie Irving should be a top pick, but what if he gets picked last?



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