Will Aaron Gordon of Orlando Magic Win Slam Dunk Contest and NBA All-Star Game MVP?

The 2017-2018 is in full swing and one of the early surprises is the start of the Orlando Magic. They have a 6-2 record and leading the Eastern Conference. They had big wins over Cleveland Cavs and San Antonia Spurs. The reason for this is the great game play of known NBA All-Star Dunk contestant Aaron Gordon. If you remember, Air Gordon and Zach LaVine shut the house down in Toronto for the 2016 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. The best in ages. LaVine eventually won, but a lot of people say Gordon was robbed. Gordon had a chance to win the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk contest but missed a couple easy ones and was eliminated in the first round. We know if he stays healthy he will most likely be in the contest again. He loves the big stage and is so likeable. Now, the big question is will Aaron Gordon get his first NBA All-Star Game nod. If the magic continue at this pace and he continues to deliver 20 and 10 ball games, you can be assured he will get the All-Star nod. With the new format of the NBA All-Star game with captains picking teams you have to imagine Gordon will get picked high. He is young and extremely athletic. If he gets into the All-Star game and does some high flying dunks he just might be able to get the NBA All-Star Game MVP award. This could be Aaron Gordon year for slam dunk champion and NBA All-Star game MVP. We shall see - Get your tickets now at www.AllStarWeekendLosAngeles.com/tickets