See Carmelo Anthony Start as Western Conference All-Star in 2018 in Los Angeles!

The move that shocked the summer, aside from Kyrie to Boston, was Carmelo Anthony opting out of his no-trade clause in NYC to go play with Billy Donovan, Paul George, Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. What did OKC do to deserve such a great deal? Well the trio obviously is going to be great, and you gotta love Billy Donovan. My thinking is Carmelo is looking at it from investment standpoint. Oklahoma has a very low tax rate and Carmelo is estimated to be worth 200 million. Not only that, but he doesn't have the burden of having everything on his shoulders like in NYC. This is a good move for everyone. NYC gets huge money off the books and can rebuild with some nice young talent. OKC Thunder are already in talks to win the NBA Championship. The only question next is who will make the All-Star squad in 2018? All 3? Will Carmelo Anthony be a starter at 2018 NBA All Star Weekend? I can't wait to be there - get your tickets now at