NBA Players And Officials Will Meet Over 2018 All-Star Weekend To Discuss On-Court Tensions

Tensions are high in the NBA these days. A rash of prominent players have been ejected this season, including LeBron James’ first career ejection. This has brought attention to the many conflicts between players and officials in the Association in 2017.

Questions about fouls, preferential treatment, and some rough play have caused a good number of on-court conflicts, ejections, and a lot of Getty images of angry players yelling or glaring at officials.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote about these conflicts and the result of them this year: A meeting at All-Star weekend where a group of players and officials will meet to try to deescalate tensions between players and refs. Michell Roberts, the NBPA’s executive director, spoke extensively about the incidents her players have had this season and the reasons why players are so upset in the first place.