Gordon Hayward 2018 NBA All-Star Dreams crushed with injury

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gordon Hayward this evening. The new member of the Boston Celtics suffered a horrible ankle inury in the season opener vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. I personally can't even watch it. Seeing injury like that is horrific and we really hope Gordon Hayward can make a full recovery. We seen Paul George suffer a horrible injury as well and return to All-Star calibre. We really hope Gordon Hayward can do the same. This comes at a time when the Boston Celtics picked up Kyrie Irving from Cleveland, and together with Hayward had a very promising future. This injury though makes the season far less bright for Celtic fans. Hayward who was a first time NBA All-Star last season, was most likely going to return to the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in LA. However, with this injury it does not seem likely unless the fans vote him in.